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2+2 No-Limit Hold'em


Harrington on Hold'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Volume 3


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Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie



Harrington on Hold'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Volume 3
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Poker has taken America by storm. But it's not just any form of poker that has people across the country so excited - it's no-limit hold 'em - the main event game. And now - thanks to televised tournaments - tens of thousands of new players are eager to claim their share of poker glory.

In the first volume of this series, Harrington on Hold 'em: Volume I: Strategic Play, Dan Harrington explained the basics of the game, and how to play in the early stages of tournaments, where the players have deep stacks and the blinds and antes are small. In the second volume, Harrington on Hold 'em: Volume II: The Endgame, he explained how to play the later stages of tournaments, when the prize money was within sight.

In this book, Dan gives you problems to test how well you grasped the principles of the first two volumes. In addition, many of the problems focus on the key area that causes difficulties for so many aspiring players: how to play after the flop.

Dan Harrington won the gold bracelet and the World Champion title at the $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold 'em Championship at the 1995 World Series of Poker. And he was the only player to make the final table in both 2003 (field of 839) and 2004 (field of 2,576) - considered by cognoscenti to be the greatest accomplishment in WSOP history. In Harrington on Hold 'em, Harrington and two-time World Backgammon Champion Bill Robertie have written the definitive books on no-limit hold 'em for players who want to win - and win big. 350p (paper)

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