Short-Handed : Limit Hold 'em: Winning Short-handed Strategies by Terry Borer, Lawrence Mak:




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Limit Hold 'em: Winning Short-handed Strategies


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Terry Borer, Lawrence Mak



Limit Hold 'em: Winning Short-handed Strategies
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Short-handed play is quite different from full ring play and requires a different approach. In this book, expert short-handed players Terry Borer, Lawrence Mak and Barry Tanenbaum will analyze the skills that are necessary to succeed in short-handed play, discussing such topics as: * attacking and defending blinds * watching and reading the opposition * being aware of your own image * playing with controlled aggression Much of on-line limit hold’em play is moving towards the short-handed game. Make sure that you have the skills to compete in this form of the game, as it can be very profitable! About the Author Terry and Lawrence have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing on-line -exclusively in short-handed cash games. They have also consulted for an online gambling and poker website. Now they pass on their knowledge to you. Barry, author of Advanced Limit Hold'em Strategy and regular Card Player columnist, has been a full time professional for many years and is widely acknowledged as a top poker coach and teacher.

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