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Tournament Poker For Advanced Players Expanded Edition


Softcover. See important e-book info in synopsis.


David Sklansky



Tournament Poker For Advanced Players Expanded Edition
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See important e-book information at the end of this synopsis.

This newly-expanded version contains over 100 new pages of updated material dedicated almost entirely to today’s most popular form of tournament poker: no-limit hold ’em.

Tournament poker is different from standard ring game poker. While they might appear the same from a distance, there are many differences in proper strategy that are often unknown to many experienced cash game players. Some people excel at tournament poker. This is not luck. These are players who have an advanced understanding of what the proper strategy adjustments are, and when they come into play. It is no coincidence that the same competitors make it to the final tables far more than their fair share. This book explains tournament strategies that only a small number of players have mastered.

It assumes you already know how to play poker well, but aren’t knowledgeable of tournament-specific concepts and when and where to use them. Some of the ideas discussed include: the effect of going broke, the Gap Concept, how chips change value, adjusting strategy to rising stakes, all-in strategy, final table play, making deals, the “System,” focusing on weaker opponents, unusual plays with aces and kings, moving in against the blind, and much more.

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