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No-Limit Hold'em Poker Bet Big - Win Big


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Bob Ciaffone



No-Limit Hold'em Poker Bet Big - Win Big
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Author Bob  Ciaffone  has  extensive  writing  experience  and  is  a  fine communicator, so the material is very easy to understand. No-Limit Holdem Poker is Ciaffone's sixth book on poker. The book is aimed at experienced no-limit players who wish to take their game  up  to the  expert  level,  and  will  also  be  useful  for  a professional player who is looking to get even better. 

The style of play advocated in this book is a style that is the best one to use for the vast majority of players. What you may see on TV is not necessarily the right path for most players to follow. 

Ciaffone has won or placed in quite a few tournaments, including the 1987  World Championship,  where  he  finished  third.  He  is  the  first person in poker history to lose a pot with over a million dollars in it (Johnny Chan won). This happened at the final table that eventually crowned Chan as the 1987 World Champion. 

Ciaffone has had outstanding results as a poker coach. Some players he has helped include Dr. Bruce Van Horn, second place finisher in the 1996 World Poker Championship, Bob Walker, fifth place finisher in the 1997 World Poker Championship, and Tom McCormick, one of the most successful players in World Series of Poker events (currently in second place for lifetime cashes). 

This book uses the best teaching method for learning anything, which is to study a blend of theory and practice. There are 63 chapters on general poker theory, so you can know the principles to follow. Next, there are hundreds of hands to show you how the theory is applied to actual  hands  that  were  played  by  Bob's  students  and  friends. Then there are some discussions on various aspects of no-limit holdem play.  

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